Our Vision


It is said that our future can only be determined if we first realize who we are. As American Muslim youth, we are bearers of complex and rich histories. And yet judging by the numerous identity crises plaguing many Muslim youth today, it seems as if we have forgotten ourselves. Our hope at IamY is to inspire American Muslim youth to reawaken and appreciate the complexities that make us who we are. Through education and empowerment, we hope to promote a better understanding of ourselves, our world, and our Lord.

Ultimately, we dream of a brighter, more defined future. Do you?

Our Mission

Through annual conventions, IamY hopes to raise awareness about the unique struggles faced by American Muslim youth. By educating the youth themselves and enlightening their families about youth issues, we hope to give the Muslim community the tools and knowledge needed to overcome these challenges and become active, responsible citizens of their world.

Our Team


As Muslim youth ourselves, we are passionate about youth issues. Hailing from the awesome state of NJ, we know the TriState area. Conventions, conferences, and all sorts of events come and go in this Muslim hot spot. But what makes IamY unique is our intense focus on youth issues. We recognize that the youth are a crucial part of the Muslim community, and their problems are interconnected to the problems of the community.

IamY’s first convention took place on March 17th and 18th, 2012.


Previous IAMY themes

IAMY 2012

My Identity,

IAMY’s first convention focused on establishing itself as entirely youth-oriented and youth-run, a key aspect that makes IAMY so unique a convention. Quite often, conventions include youth programs parallel and separate from the main program. IAMY, however, endeavored to be the first to inspire youth to take the initiative to have issues relating to them as the center for discussion.

IAMY 2013

Defining A Culture:
At the Corner of American & Muslim

The second convention, took the torch from the first convention and dug deeper in its exploration of identity for American Muslims, focusing on the struggle of dual identities. Whether young or old, American Muslims often struggle to negotiate identities in their day-to-day lives. This convention explored the formation of that identity and its prospect as a new culture of its own. The convention explored such a theme by reflecting on the history of Muslims in America, contemplating the present state of the American Muslim community, and envisioning the bright future American Muslims have to build.

IAMY 2015

Breaking the Chains:
Freeing the Soul

The 2015 convention theme is Breaking the Chains: Freeing the Soul which expects to serve as a personal and more intimate forum for American Muslims to dig deep into themselves and reflect on their personal identities and what holds them back at a spiritual level.

In a materialistic and instant gratification driven culture, it is difficult not to be drawn towards giving into our temptations. The more we give into that desire and temptation, the more chained down we are. The more chained down to our desires we are, the more difficult it is to free ourselves of them. IAMY 2015 will provide the insight and inspiration needed to help us break free of those chains and finally become free, happy.