The IAMY team thanks you for sending in heartfelt nominations of outstanding youth groups! All of them are doing awesome work in their communities.

The top two outstanding youth groups received the prestigious Mostafa Khalifa Youth Development Award! We thank the Khalifa family for their generous support and pray this becomes a sadaqa jariyah for our brother Mostafa. May all these youth groups continue to be a source of good in our communities. Ameen.

Congratulations to the winning groups and to all the youth groups that were nominated. Keep up the awesome work!

Young Muslims in Action (YMIA)
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NHIEC Girls YouthSide Slide56

Honorable Mentions



Want to get involved?

So many amazing groups were nominated for this award and we want to thank every single one of them. You can find those groups and other active Muslim communities on a helpful map. Use the IAMY Village of Support to keep the momentum going!

Let’s work together and truly connect as families and entire communities as one.

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