The Think Tank

The Institute for American Muslim Youth (IAMY) is an independent research organization that encourages and supports original, curiosity-driven, objective, empirical research on issues facing American Muslim youth. It provides an outlet for current scholars and for the mentoring of future scholars who would like to make significant contributions to the understanding of Islam in the United States. The goal of the research is to identify specific problems and to address possible solutions that can be translated into practical application to benefit Muslim youth.

IAMY scholars will provide reports, articles, and op-ed pieces and will disseminate information through a variety of channels. These include its website, annual convention and regional and national conferences.


Our mission is to provide expert research, analysis, insight and context to critical issues facing the American Muslim community, with the sole emphasis on those issues related to Muslim youth in the U.S.


IAMY was founded in 2012 and was established by a group of scholars and students who had the vision of studying issues related to Muslim youth in America.