Ambassador-LogoIAMY Ambassador Program

Program for those interested in being involved with IAMY and being a representative of the organization. As a representative you will know the ins and outs of IAMY. Through the program you will receive various training as well as developmental workshops.
** Applicants must be 14 years and up. 

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As an ambassador you represent IAMY and are part of a larger organization. Many tasks and responsibilities will arise. Through this program you will receive training and various workshops on public speaking, marketing, etc. These workshops are meant to be engaging/informative and help you build skills that will be beneficial to you through the program and beyond through school and professional career.


As an ambassador you are taking a leadership position. Through this program you will be able to gain knowledge while contributing to the mission and vision of IAMY. There are various opportunities that cater to each individual’s interest from planning a program to web design. In the program, you can become a gold ambassador and also become the lead of your region. This program will help you be involved in empowering the Muslim Youth. Our program is not restricted to any state or region. Please answer all questions fully and to the best of your ability and be sure to invite all your fellow peers to the program. And before starting the application, please renew your intention for the sake of Allah swt so that you may gain rewards throughout the program inshaAllah.


Jazakum Allah khair. – The IAMY TEAM

IAMY Executive Planning Committee

This application is for those who have extensive experience in planning large events. IAMY consists of various teams that run the organization and plan our annual convention.

**Applicants must be 20 years and up

IAMY Volunteer Form

This form is for those who would like to volunteer on the day of the convention or for IAMY events that may be hosted throughout the year. 

IAMY Think Tank

Interested in research? Apply for the Think Tank! Join scholars, PhD candidates, and postgraduate students in collecting and analyzing statistics about the American Muslim community.